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Have a picky eater? Try adding Goat Milk to hydrate and increase interest in your pet's bowl. Goat Milk also helps with digestion support, enhanced hydration as well as upset tummies (think about probiotics when you get sick!) 

Goat Whip is excellent for enrichment toys or as a food topper⁣⁣. Comes in 3.5oz and 8oz sizes.

It is the highest fat raw goat cream on the market, in scoop-able form with the same ingredients as our raw goat milk *plus *nutritious beef gelatin for digestive health⁣⁣!

Goat Kefir is fermented raw goat milk that provides probiotic support⁣⁣ when dogs need it.

Its thick and creamy texture is perfect for enrichment toys, a food topper, or stand-alone supplemental treat!


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