We are happy to provide grooming and training!

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Our exciting training opportunities will give you access to work with the highly effective and reputable AKC trainer through our “Ask the Trainer Workshop.”  Whatever your dog’s issue, our trainer can help with strategies that help build social skills, address behavioral issues, finding what the dog responds to, giving your more confidence to help you to have more control over your dog. 



Our experienced, compassionate and gentle groomer will make your pup feel at ease and walk away a happier, cleaner dog!  We only groom one dog at a time, so you and your pup can feel more comfortable!

Full Groom:

Up to 10 lb..........$30-45

15-40 lb..............$45-65

45-75 lb..............$65-85

Over 75 lb..............$85+


Full Groom includes:  bath, brush, trim, ears, nails, anal glands, cologne.


Bath and Brush or Nail Trims also available.



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